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A Smile For Santa: St. Nick helps Letourneau students kick their fear of the dentist

Santa 1

Letourneau School kindergartener Izael Melendez shows off his teeth and tells Santa Claus he brushed them before school.                                         









Santa 2

Letourneau School kindergartener Ayden Gardella is a little hesitant to get into the chair so
Dr. Pradeep Venigalll and assistant Catherine Costa can examine his teeth. But gentle talk from
HeaithFirst parent outreach co-ordinator Elizabeth Greene and Santa Claus himself puts the lad
at ease, and in the chair.











Santa 3

Leourneau School second-grader Rosaliegh Melendez has her well- cared-for teeth examined,
telling Dr. Pradeep Venigalla. "I brush them every night before bed, even when I have two
pages of homework."













Santa 4

Kindergartener Ayden Gardella, who had been a bit nervous at first, ends his visit to
Venigalla and assistant Catherine Costa with a fist bump from Santa.











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