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Santa 1

Letourneau School kindergartener Izael Melendez shows off his teeth and tells Santa Claus he brushed them before school.                                         










healthfirst van

For some residents in the city, not having a car means not always making it to doctor’s appointments.

The HealthFirst Family Care Center, a community clinic located in the Flint, has known this for years. Having transportation for these patients has been on their wish list for just as long.


healthfirst dental grant

The dental program at the HealthFirst Family Care Center will receive a sizeable grant to expand its services and increase the number of patients it’s able to serve.

HealthFirst was awarded $350,000 a year for two years by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.


hodson herald

James Hodson lined up a small pin over a map of Central America and pushed it firmly into Costa Rica.

Loads of little pins were scattered, and sometimes clustered, in maps of 43 countries in Hodson’s office at the HealthFirst Family Care Center, where he works as a nurse practitioner.